PPTS is proud to offer our Athletic Training Program in 10 regional schools.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Providing coverage for all home practices and events, as well as away varsity football and playoff games for all sports

• Providing double coverage scheduling and coverage for event conflicts

• Working hand in hand with sports neurology clinics for concussion assessment and management

• Providing MHSAA weight management and assessment through Alpha weigh ins for wrestling. (two assessors if necessary)

• Physical therapist at every home and most away football games

• Injury clinics every other week for parents, teachers, students and community provided by physical therapist and/or athletic training coordinator

Our Athletic Trainers are:

Leanne Nichols- Cleary University
Kyrah Holland- Franklin Road Christian
Josh Middleton- Garden City High School
Rebecca Mcleod- Milan High School
Jeff Wison- Novi High School
Catherine Haller- St Catherine's High School
Shane Ryan- Walled Lake Western High School
Sara Lechner- Walled Lake Central High School 
Tom Burman- Walled Lake Northern High School

For more information, or to get an Athletic Trainer at your school, please call our Athletic Training Coordinator, Alissa Kern at 123-456-7890