Spine Care

Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists Spine Care

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT)

  • PPTS follows evidence-based practice which has lead us to this approach
  • Based on mechanical and symptomatic responses to loading the spine


  1. Patient centered: Emphasis on patient independence while minimizing dependence on the clinician
  2. Less intervention necessary (peer reviewed)
  3. Effective: Hundreds of studies support the use of this approach
  4. Sustainable: Patient can learn how to prevent and/or reduce the severity of future episodes

How Does It Work?

  1. The therapist performs an evaluation and determines if the patient can be classified into 1 of 3 syndromes
  2. Directional Preference: Utilizing repeated movements the therapist can determine if a favorable and/or unfavorable direction can be used in treatment
  3. Progression of forces: Once a favorable direction is determined, the therapists can facilitate an appropriate prescription of repetition and force needed to correct the problem
  4. Patient Independence: The ultimate goal is for the patient to become motivated to manage the health of their spine onward, minimizing the need for future treatment. (Study suggests reduction of recurrence up to 75% at five years follow up with continued patient maintenance)

New Patient Information

New Patient Information - Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists


"Everyone did an excellent job and was friendly. Felt like family. Everyone really cared about getting me on the road to recovery."

"My therapist could not have been more competent or nice. My knee is better."

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