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Our vast experience and expertise in sports medicine has enabled us to rehabilitate numerous professional, collegiate, and high school athletes in all of the major sports.


Introducing the Alter G Treadmill at our Novi Center!

Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists is excited to introduce the addition of an Alter G Treadmill. This state of the art equipment allows people to walk and run on a treadmill at a percentage of their bodyweight. Some of the people who can benefit are: athletes needing a speedy recovery from injury, patients who have weightbearing restrictions due to surgery or fracture, people living with neurologic deficits making walking difficult, or people who are overweight needing some assistance in exercising. The treadmill is located at our Novi Center on Grand River Road. Call today to reserve your spot on this life-changing piece of equipment.



New Patient Information

New Patient Information - Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists


"Everyone did an excellent job and was friendly. Felt like family. Everyone really cared about getting me on the road to recovery."

"My therapist could not have been more competent or nice. My knee is better."

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