What is the Balance Institute?

A 4 week series of classes designed to help you understand why balance and posture decline, what you can do to prevent falls, what to do should you fall, and assess your own personal risk for falls. You will review and test out the foundation and systems of balance, participate in fall recovery, and receive expert guidance in exercise and continuity improvement.

Specialty Programs

Balanced Courses at Plymouth PTS is located at our Brighton Center:

5757 Whitmore Lake Rd. Suite 900 Brighton, MI. 48116.  (810) 220-5793

Balance Institute 4 Week Course Schedule

Week 1: Foundations

This class will cover how balance can decline and why, what preventative and restorative measures can be taken, and assess your own personal risk for falls. A home balance exercise program will be provided and reviewed.

Week 2: Systems for Balance

Learn about all of the systems that help us maintain balance and how they work together with an at-home self discovery opportunity provided.

Week 3: Fall Recovery

This class will cover safety measures that you can take to help prevent falls and what to do should you experience a fall. We will also cover techniques for getting up after a fall and review.

Week 4: Putting it Together

In this final class, we will review all of the important takeaways, reassess your own balance risk, and review your “next steps”.

Course Information:

This course is a 4 week program with weekly sessions. You will be provided with a folder, home exercise program, balance log, and personalized functional assessment.


Class Pricing:

$100 per person for the 4 week course. Payment is due prior to the first class. Please call the Brighton office at (810) 220-5793 or stop into the clinic to reserve your spot today.



    Dizziness and disequilibrium are second only to low back pain in frequency of occurrence in the adult population. Balance and Vestibular deficits are a major medical concern, and the resulting effects of an untreated balance disorder can be devastating. The good news is that in many cases a physical therapy implemented treatment plan can successfully treat the problem, preventing subsequent injury.

    We provide specific treatment protocols for specific diagnoses, with a focus on alleviation of symptoms and return of function. Contact our experts with any questions you may have about balance or any rehabilitation related concerns. We provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine the areas of deficit and treat accordingly. All patients will receive a thorough musculoskeletal exam to determine contributory effects of change in muscle strength, flexibility and ROM with regards to balance.

    Patients that may benefit:

    • Chronic Imbalance
    • History of Falls
    • BPPV
    • Post Concussion Syndrome
    • Post-CVA and other Neurological Disorders
    • Pre & Post Surgical Patients for Acoustic Neuroma, etc.
    • Post Labyrinthitis & Neuronitis
    • Unilateral & Bilateral Vestibular Loss
    • Other Balance Disorders
    • Motion Sensitivity

    Treatment Techniques:

    • Canalith Repositioning Techniques for Anterior, Posterior and Horizontal Canals
    • VOR Adaptation and Habituation Exercises
    • Balance Re-Education
    • Gait Training and Recommendations for Assistive Devices
    • Education in Fall Prevention and Safety
    • General Conditioning, Strengthening and ROM
    • Relaxation Techniques & Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Motion Sensitivity Habituation

    Patients receive a comprehensive rehabilitation program designed specifically to meet their individual needs and goals. Timely patient progress reports are delivered, and treatment can be discussed at any time. We are dedicated to our patients’ recovery and to the prevention of future impairment.

    LSVT BIG is a research-backed protocol that has many years of research behind it, originally tailored specifically for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. This treatment protocol focuses on large amplitude  movements to offset smaller movements typically seen in those affected by Parkinson’s. This helps to keep quality of life maximized by teaching individuals the effort needed to produce these movements. LSVT, however, is not exclusively for individuals with Parkinson’s. It can also be delivered to any population that has balance, ambulation, strength, and range of motion difficulties. Furthermore, the LSVT protocol can be adapted to those who have conditions that require assistance with ambulation and are wheelchair or bed-ridden.

    In the current environment, COVID-19 has made accessing LSVT certified clinicians difficult. Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists is excited to expand the services we provide to include LSVT, making specialized care for those with Parkinson’s Disease and other balance/movement difficulties readily available. We are excited to provide this unique rehabilitation to this deserving population.

    Kristin Turbiak, PT, DPT

    Kristin Turbiak, PT, DPT

    Kristin Turbiak, PT, DPT, joined the PPTS team in March of 2021 as the clinical director in St Clair Shores. Kristin earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Fitness from Central Michigan University and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the Midwestern University. Kristin is a Board Certified LSVT Big Parkinson’s Specialist, and Certified in Dry Needling Therapy from the Spinal Manipulation Institute. She enjoys working with vestibular disorders and other balance limitations.