Plymouth PTS Lymphedema Services



Patients who present with edema from a variety of diagnoses such as oncology, orthopedic, lymphatic or vascular can benefit from peripheral edema management. Our goal is rapid reduction of edema in the involved area to hasten return to normal function.

Lymphedema, the accumulation of fluids, is due to the disruption in the lymphatic system. This type of swelling is seen after trauma to one’s body, radiation treatment, and more often when lymph nodes are surgically removed. Trauma, surgery and sports injury can cause acute swelling in the affected joint. This edema leads to a reduction of joint mobility, range of motion and proprioception combined with pain and stiffness. Manual Lymphatic Drainage combined with compression bandages can increase the interstitial fluid pressure, facilitate lymphatic drainage and accelerate the healing process. Examples of diagnoses that respond well to this type of care are: ankle sprains, knee contusions, post-op joint replacements and hand effusion.

The good news is it is a treatable condition that can be controlled through the combination of:

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Multi-Layers Compression Bandages
  • Self-Treatment with Bandaging and/or Compression Garments
  • Exercising
  • Patient Education with Precaution Awareness