TrackMan Simulator golf continues to lead the industry with the most satisfying, dynamic and future-proof simulator golf solution available.

The TrackMan Simulator experience is deeply immersive–and not a little addictive! Stunning graphics, hyper-realistic effects and breathtaking gameplay! The optically enhanced radar tracking gives maximum accuracy and instant ballflight.


TrackMan accurately measures club delivery, ball launch and ball flight without the use of markers.

TrackMan Golf Simulator
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$60 Per Hour
$250 for 5 1-Hour Sessions
$350 for 8 1-Hour Sessions
$400 for 10 1-Hour Sessions


We’re Serious About Having Fun

TrackMan Virtual Golf software moves up to a new level with a suite of hugely entertaining games for players of all levels. Challenge friends with fun games that will test their golfing ability, as well as putting a big smile on every face. From beginner to seasoned pro, there’s a TrackMan Virtual Golf game to suit every need and requirement.


Are You Throwing Darts?

Bullseye is an entertaining and challenging points-scoring game for everyone able to hit a golf ball. Play Skyline, an atmospheric urban scene with hovering helicopters and authentic street sounds drifting up to you as you play golf on the top of skyscrapers and helipads. There’s also the Trading Post, a Western-Inspired frontier town universe where you can almost feel the dust and sand under your shoes! Or choose Jurassic, an entertaining, atmospheric fantasy world where dinosaurs rule the earth.


Closest To The Pin

Get It Close or Get It In

Closest to the Pin is a fun way to test and practice your golfing skills. Play the par 3 holes on any course in the TrackMan course library. You can set your game to give up to three attempts per hole. In Event mode, there are no limits to how many players can compete or how many attempts you can make. Game mode is for up to four players who want to compete in a single round. With more than 300 par 3 holes to choose from-and counting-there will always be a challenge to meet.


Hit It!

Grip It & Rip It

Test your driving skills with Hit It!, a long drive competition similar to the WLD Championship known from TV. With Hit It!, not only are players up against the clock, they also have to keep their shots within the virtual range’s grid.

Capture The Flag

Steal Your Way to the Win

Capture The Flag is a test of skill, strategy, and nerve. Select a flag and then try to hit your ball closest to it. Capture The Flag is ideal for multiple players. Find out who can capture the most flags and keep their lead for the whole game!